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How we work

 Your Home Physio pride ourselves on being able to deliver expert advice and treatment  on a diverse range of  physical conditions. We deliver our physiotherapy services throughout Somerset.

Taunton / Wellington / Bridgwater / Chard / Minehead


 Whether you are recovering from an operation or injury, have a long term health problem, or simply want to improve your level of activity, then we are here to help you.


 Your Home Physio can help restore your mobility, strength and ability to perform everyday activities and facilitate your return to work or exercise, as well as support you to regain your confidence and maximise your independence. We can also assist you to make changes in your lifestyle that will enhance your overall physical

When you call Your Home Physio

You will have an informal conversation with a qualified physiotherapist to briefly work out what your problems are. If appropriate, we will then arrange to visit you in your home environment, at a time that is convenient for you.

Your Physiotherapist will ask you questions in relation to your presenting condition and past medical history, as well as undertake a thorough physical assessment appropriate to your needs. We will work with you to identify a set of realistic goals, as well as agree a treatment plan to help you achieve them. Your physiotherapist may ask you to wear a pair of shorts or a vest whilst assessing or treating you.

Initial assessment
(45 minutes – 1 hour) 

Depending on the nature of your problem, you may find that a one-off treatment and assessment is sufficient or you may require a number of treatment sessions. These may be in short succession or spread over several weeks or months. It entirely depends on the nature of your problem. We will work with you to find out what will be most appropriate  for your needs.

Follow-up appointments
(45 minutes – 1 hour) 

Treatment will incorporate advice and progression of both specific and general exercise. A combination of flexibility, strengthening, balance and co-ordination exercises may all be part of your rehabilitation programme; a copy of your bespoke exercises will be provided. Manual therapy techniques including joint and soft tissue mobilisations or massage may also be suggested as well as taping, relaxation, acupuncture, gait re-education and postural control techniques. If you require specific equipment (eg walking aids or splints), then we can recommend an appropriate supplier or, alternatively, place an order on your behalf. If you have lost confidence and need assistance walking to the shop or catching a bus, then we will be happy to accompany you. At each appointment we will discuss your progress with you, to ascertain whether further treatment is beneficial.


We work with, and alongside, all other medical professionals and NHS rehabilitation teams in order to maximise your physical potential, whatever that may be.

What to expect from a treatment session

45 minute assessment or treatment £70

1 hour assessment or treatment £85

All prices quoted are inclusive of a 1 hour total travel time. We aim for most of our clients to be able to access a physiotherapist within this time zone. Visits requiring more than 1 hour of total travel time can also be arranged. Please contact us for further information in regard to prices.

Fees are normally collected at the end of each treatment session. Card payments are preferable but we will also accept payment by either cheque or cash.

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